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It's the silliest thing but it seems to be catching on like wildfire! Here's the silliness that is our tagline and how we came about it. 

We obviously are dealing primarily in wooden and wood-based products and accessories. To get started and to get our name known throughout Kansas City, MO and surrounding, we'd tote a few of our prized products in our well-known wooden crates into meetings. The goal was always to stand out.

I wanted to keep with the wood theme, of course, but I also realized the practical usage pretty early on. Therefore, when I'd come about strumming up business, you'd see the same thing, me in a smartly put together outfit, wooden watch, and/or eyeglasses, and my wooden crate, flowing with the newest in WUD Shop wares. 

As we'd go about creating business connections here and there, we'd get a lot of fans and supporters of our products who'd ask about the new inventory as well as the changes to the site. Scores of conversations would be had at the mere sight of me coming up, toting that crate, or several, WUD Shop watches abound. 

In each instance, however, I noticed they all would start with the same sentence, "Hey, you got any wood?" Noticing the fun play on words, I started using it as our tagline for our great products. And, well, it stuck! LOL! Of course we want everyone to have the best experience when at the WUD Shop, so we want you all to have a little WUD!

So don't be surprised if you see us out and about with our shirts, wearing that infamous tagline and hashtag and be sure to follow us wherever hashtags are located. We'll be sure to get those shirts out for you all very soon as well. 



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