How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Generally, all orders will arrive within 14 business days after shipping.

What if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

WUD Shop stand by our products and offer a 30-day, money back guarantee on all products within our online or in-person stores. Normal wear and tear aside, your request will be processed and funds refunded on the method of purchase initially used. Please allow 3-5 weeks for refund to process. 

Is this REAL wood?

Yes indeed! WUD Shop are proud to use some of the best natural resources in our wearable wood designs. We are please to have various amounts of Ebony, Bamboo, Cork, Balsa, Walnut, Zebrawood and many other natural and metal materials in our products. We also employ some wood grains, faux woods and other similar mediums as well as various metals and resins.

How do I get free shipping?

For our Kansas City and surrounding area residents, we'll refund any shipping charge for a purchased item you may have seen while we're out and about. That is to say, if we already have your item in our local inventory, your shipping is free! Also, we have various codes and deals allowing for free shipping as well. Hope you catch the next one!

Why do you use wood?

Wood is a beautiful, resilient, and durable material, whose uses are unending! It's a renewable natural resource and is especially great for our Wuddies who suffer from metallic or leather allergies as you may encounter with a non-stainless steel or leather band. We love wood and the many different ways it can be worn and we're sure you will too!

What if I have a leather allergy? Do you have something for me?

Absolutely! As stated, we've got so many choices for our Wuddies who may suffer from leather allergies. A wooden wristband, for example, will allow for your wrist to breathe, while the natural material won't irritate your skin. We have quite a selection of leather and metal alternatives.

Why are your vending prices different than online?

While vending, we maintain basic pricing structuring in effort to pass on the savings to our customers and potential Wuddies. 

Do you make these yourself?

Some, we've been fortunate to partner with some great wood workers, designers, and laser cutters who've allowed our wearable wood designs and inspirations to come to life!

What's a Wuddie?

A Wuddie is what we call our fans, supporters, friends and guest who're even thinking about it! We want our friends to know how much we appreciate their support in whatever form it arrives. 

Why do you spell it like that?

We have to keep the "U" in WUD Shop because we realize that we're "nothing without YOU!" You, our friend have come along with us as we've worked to create a viable brand that you and your friends can appreciate for many years to come. We keep you in mind in all we do and we hope that's conveyed in our commitment to service, style and appeal. Thanks, Wuddie, for coming along for the ride. We've got so much further to go!!!