About us

I guess I've always been somewhat of a fashion accessories guy. My mother used to go to the thrift stores and there I'd be, her right hand man, telling her what skirt looked best with what blazer. Many days, after spending a long Saturday with my mother as we'd dart from thrift store and back, singing old-school Christian church and choir songs along the way, we'd arrive home to see my grandfather, whittling away at a piece of wood. Thinking nothing of it, I'd go on about my business, happy that in all my mother's purchases, I was able to convince her to get me a set of cufflinks or a "real" bow tie.

Curiosity, as it tends to move, would get the best of me and eventually I'd sidle along my grandfather's lap, eye's focused on what he was doing. Today, he was making a "knife" out of popsicle sticks. Yesterday, he made a wooden box. Tomorrow... I was completely floored. I never would have thought someone could make an implement of any sort - with just their hands - out of wood. I was completely taken!

As I got older, I realized how much I was influenced by my mother and grandfather.  Both of them placing within me a drive and a passion to create elegant pieces and to drive fashion in our own way while always keeping the customer first.  That's what we mean when we say, "We're NOTHING without U!" Our customers mean everything to us and therefore, it's our business to make sure each of our customers walks away satisfied with either a new piece or at least a smile on their face. 

We weren't blessed with money, but we kept a flair for style and an eye for what looks good. With the WUD Shop, we'd like to give you the best in wooden products and accessories that we've created, selected, and cultivated to present the best look! Whether it's a simple bamboo watch, our sandalwood headphones, or our earrings made of balsa, we're certain you'll find something good in our wood! It's our hope that everyone will get their wood from the WUD Shop, so when we ask, "gotwud?" you know exactly what we mean!

Thanks for stopping by!

CE Blackman