I've loved watches since I was a kid. I remember when my mother would have us dress up for summer's Northern Illinois Jurisdiction's Holy Convocation as a part of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC), I never felt complete if I didn't have a nice watch. I can remember being as young as eight or nine and always wanting to have a nice Casio or Swatch watch on my wrist. I specifically remembered these brands because they had stainless steel and silicone wristbands, respectively. This was a big deal.

At the time, I wasn't a kid of means, but I did want to have a decent watch. Most kids would get one of those Mickey Mouse or Snoopy watches made of plastic and be done with it. I'd imagine most of those watches would be gone over a matter of days. That wasn't the case for me. I didn't go with the likes of those toy-watches as I wanted something that would last. I actually tried one of those plastic watches, but realized early-on, that I couldn't wear them. They'd make my skin break out in rashes. Therefore if I were to wear a decent timepiece, it had to be better than plastic.

My brother was eight-years my senior and from time to time, while in the military, he'd send me a gift if I had good grades. Once year he sent me a Swatch watch. I hadn't heard much of them, but I really loved their style and fun/funky color schemes. When I realized they came with a plastic wristband, I was immediately hurt because I wanted to look good to my classmates but knew it would be short-lived since I couldn't wear the band. Some weeks later, I told my brother how much I loved the watch, but couldn't wear it due to the band. He immediately realized the remedy to the situation and found a swatch silicone band. I was in heaven!

Years later, I was diagnosed with a skin allergy that wouldn't allow me to have certain materials on my skin. My father had this ailment as well as he couldn't even wear gold unless it was 24K! As a person who loves accessories but can only wear certain materials, I was on the search for an alternative. That's how the WUD Shop came to be. We've been seeking out the best materials for skin allergy sufferers like me, who perhaps, can't wear certain metals and alloys, but still want to look good. Our products carry the best in Ebony, Sandalwood, Rosewood, Balsa, Cork, and many other natural materials that not only look good, but will fit you and your lifestyle comfortably.

We pride ourselves in providing the best in wooden products and accessories for him, her and home and we're certain you'll find something good in our wood!